1) Always use talcum powder or water based lubricant inside all latex clothing before use. Forcing it on without aid may cause the fabric to rip.

2) Keep all latex away from sunlight, even indoors. We recommend also storing in a dark garment bag or tissue paper.

3) Do not store light coloured latex with darker coloured latex – the deeper colours can stain the fairer ones.

4) Keep away from metals, metals can stain and cause damage. This includes rings, body piercings, and metal coat hangers.

5) Avoid contact with oils and fake tan (other than dressing oil and polishing oil) – oils and fake tan can permanently stain or otherwise damage latex.

6) Laundering Latex: 

You can wash your garments if they become particularly dirty, to do this we recommend:

  • Adding one teaspoon of washing up liquid to a sink of luke warm water.
  • Clean and then rinse.
  • In a clean sink with fresh water, add a tablespoon of latex polish and dip the garment in again until it is glossy and lustrous. 
  • Drip dry. 

We cannot be held responsible for problems arising due to items of clothing having been improperly maintained/ stored / worn etc.

We will undertake repairs once an assessment has been made as to the viability of such repair. 


If you have any questions regarding the and dressing of your latex - please email us at contact@atelierharlem.